Day trips in Israel

Tel Aviv Israel’s cool, modern and most populous city, Tel Aviv is the perfect beach-break, located on the Mediterranean coast. The beaches are narrow but vast, stretching on for miles and miles, making for a lovely stroll if you don’t fancy getting sandy. They’re really easy to access from the city too, so wherever you’re … More Day trips in Israel


Jerusalem is by far the most intense place I have ever visited. An incredible experience, but as the cross roads of religion, Jerusalem hosts some the holiest sites in the world for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The buzz and energy around the city is truly like nothing I’ve ever experienced, but as a religious core, … More Jerusalem


Beirut is so much fun! I have such fond memories of my time living here and there is so much to do and see. But it’s not cheap! In Lebanon both the American dollar (USD) and Lebanese Pound (LBP) are used interchangeably. This post will focus mainly on things to do in Beirut, but if … More Beirut

Day trips in Lebanon

Lebanon is actually a tiny country – smaller than Wales! There’s still plenty to see but it means it’s really easy to get around. Unfortunately there aren’t any trains but you can drive around easily and if you don’t want to hire a car there are many companies which provide private drivers or tour guides. … More Day trips in Lebanon

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food is some of the best in the world and I was lucky enough to discover the full range of what the country has to offer during my time living there. Drink is considered just as important as the food by many, and so I have included some recommendations here. I’ve got a lot … More Lebanese Cuisine

Jordanian Homestay

I was in Jordan for just shy of 4 months, and I spent all of this time living with a Jordanian family. I’d like to first explain why I personally chose to do this. I had spent the previous semester living with friends in an Airbnb in Morocco. There was also the opportunity to arrange … More Jordanian Homestay


From afar, Amman can merely look as a sea of apartment blocks. However, once you start exploring the streets, you begin to see the beauty in this dense city. With a scattering of roman ruins, my first recommendation is to view the city from above from the Amman citadel (or Jabal al-Qal’a in Arabic). Views … More Amman


As one of the seven wonders of the world, walking around the site of Petra was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. For this reason, I thought I would let the pictures do the talking for this post and have included a range of my favourites below. One thing I will … More Petra