As one of the seven wonders of the world, walking around the site of Petra was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. For this reason, I thought I would let the pictures do the talking for this post and have included a range of my favourites below. One thing I will say, entrance is costly at around £50-60 for the day. However, if you get the opportunity to go, I strongly recommend that you take the back route if possible. This is what we did and it was definitely, I felt, the best way. We came to the monastery first, which meant the main attraction, the treasury, was saved till last and appeared unexpectedly in front of us as we turned the corner after a long trek. The site of Petra itself is a massive and extremely beautiful area, you can spend many hours and days walking around!

IMG_2717Hiking through the Petra site

IMG_2722Our first ancient discovery on our trek around Petra – the monastery!

IMG_2769You’ll find beautiful and natural rock formations and colours all over the place

IMG_2739You’ll also find lots of little donkeys, but please don’t ride them!

IMG_2735You can see more formations carved into the rock in the distance – these can be found all over the Petra site and off the beaten track, the monastery and the treasury might be the grandest, but they aren’t the only attractions of the area

IMG_6203Plenty of photo opportunities

IMG_2783The treasury!

IMG_2790These carvings into the rock are thousands of years old, but extremely detailed and in excellent condition, each of the carvings have different meanings, for example resembling days of the week or months in the year

IMG_2785It’s difficult to see even in this close up picture, but locals will tell you how many believe that hordes of gold can be found behind this top section of the rock. In fact, some believe this so strongly that around 100 years ago locals took to the site with guns and began to shoot at the stone to try and unveil what riches could be behind the carving. However, as you can see, they barely made a dent in the stone and luckily the attraction is relatively unharmed except a few bullet holes. The mystery remains!

IMG_6649Finally, I strongly recommend that you take a trip with Petra by night, where you’ll be led on a candlelit walk down to the treasury and sit and listen to various live Arab instruments and really take in the atmosphere – not to mention the stars!

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