Fes’ hotels & pools

You can learn more about Fes and what the city has to offer here Fes – فاس‎, but in this post I wanted to focus specifically on the different hotels around the city.

Hotel Palais Medina & Spa Fes – 3/5

IMG_4873The palais medina hotel is pretty big, and it’s conveniently located just off the main road connecting the new and old city (next to Carrefour, inside the Borj Fes shopping mall). I went here for a pool day and as you can see in the picture, we had the entire place to ourselves! It was a lovely and relaxing day, the pool was really big but I imagine on a busy day it would be difficult to get a decent sun lounger with shade, as there weren’t many available. The hotel also has a really beautiful spa where you can use their hammam (learn more about Moroccan hammam here) and pay for different traditional Moroccan treatments. In terms of the hotel itself, the inside was nicely decorated and staff were relatively friendly, but for somewhere to stay, this really isn’t a place I would rave about.


Hotel Ibis Fes – 4/5

This is the perfect hotel if you are on a budget! I stayed here for a couple of nights and the staff were really lovely and helpful, the rooms were a bit dated but it didn’t really matter as it was merely somewhere for us to sleep. The location of this hotel is extremely convenient, right next to Fes’ train station, which is great if you’re arriving to the city on train. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo, but the outside gardens and pool are a great place to relax, and you wouldn’t even know you were next to the train station – we were never disturbed by any noise!

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa 4/5


Sadly I only made a flying visit to this hotel, it’s a bit pricey but it is beautifully decorated as you can see in the picture above. The staff were really friendly and the hotel has a luxurious feel to it. My only criticism is that the pool (actually located just behind me in this photo) is surrounded by high walls which means that it is generally covered by shade 24/7, unless you want to spend your day dancing round the pool side trying to chase the small chink of sunshine the area does get. The hotel is located in the old medina, but pretty out of the way and isolated, which is ideal if you just want a relaxing, secluded holiday, but not if you want to get out and spend your time exploring the city.

Barcelo – 3/5

I spent a couple of nights staying here at the Barcelo hotel, it was in a really convenient place for me (a two minute walk from the new city Borj Fes shopping mall) and a really nice, cheap place to stay. I actually ended up signing for a gym membership here too, which wasn’t too expensive. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos, but the room was a really good size and the whole hotel is nicely decorated – staff were really friendly and helpful too! I only have two complaints. Firstly, the air conditioning. I don’t know what system they were using but it was really not effective at all, I’m not only talking about the bedroom but also the gym, and trying to run on the treadmill in 40 degrees heat with virtually no air con is really not fun. Secondly, the pool was a bit too small, shallow, and the large white walls surrounding it really detracted from its relaxing potential.

Hotel Les Merinides 3/5


I never actually stepped foot inside the Hotel Les Merinides, but it is located right next to the Tombeaux des Merinides, which has the most stunning views overlooking all of Fes. Yep, what you see in the photo is the kind of views you can expect if you stay in this hotel! It’s a bit pricey and I think it would be great to stay here for maybe one or two nights max just to enjoy the views, but this hotel is very out of the way and so you may find yourself feeling pretty isolated from the rest of the city. I personally think you would be far better off staying in a hotel located within the city rather than the very outskirts. Come here for dinner instead, that way you can spend the evening relaxing, watching over the city and enjoying the sunset.

Hotel Menzeh Zalagh 2/5

I never actually stayed in this hotel, but we were recommended it by our Arabic school ALIF as it was a 30 second walk round the corner. Many students stayed here in the days leading up to starting their studies to help get them settled in or to buy time whilst looking for other accommodation. ALIF also have a deal with the hotel where students can get discounted rates. However, you’ll need to be wary of this. We went to the hotel for a pool day, for which I think it was about a 30% discount for students. We had proof of our membership at the ALIF institute, however staff were rude and incredibly unhelpful toward us, it took a good half an hour to convince the receptionist that we were all students and to give us the discount. Besides this blip, the gardens and pool itself were nice and large, but nothing spectacular. Overall, I would advise not to bother with this hotel unless you really need it for it’s convenience in proximity to the school, because I think Fes has far better hotels and pools to offer.

Riad Fes 4/5


Riad Fes is a really big, beautiful hotel located in the old medina. It can be a little tricky to find (I managed to get lost myself whilst trying to get there for a friends birthday) so it’s definitely a good idea to plan your route beforehand. My picture isn’t of great quality, but the hotel has a really relaxing atmosphere, and is decorated in a traditional Moroccan way. It’s a little pricey, but worth it if you want to experience the old medina in luxury.

Hotel Sahrai – 4/5


I really love this hotel. It’s totally out of the way, located on the outskirts of the new medina, so if you just want a relaxing escape in the sun it’s perfect. The architecture and decorations of the hotel are stunning, and it’s a part of the chain ‘Small luxury hotels of the world’. The rooms of the hotel are pricy but minimalist and luxurious, and outside sits a large infinity pool, with some beautiful distant views and some not-so beautiful nearby views (i.e the back of Borj Fes shopping mall). The food here is also really good, but just be careful not to be conned into spending more money than anticipated – I was told upon check in that dinner would be included, yet when checking out the room price was suddenly far higher than originally booked for, in order to cover the costs of the ‘free’ dinner (I did raise this issue with the company but they didn’t provide an explanation). Despite this, I really enjoyed spending time at the hotel and would recommend at least spending a pool day here, whether it be in the outside infinity pool or the inside Givenchy pool.

Overall, Fes has a great selection of hotels on offer in both the new and old medina, whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape, breath taking views or just some great Moroccan food. I hope you find my mini guide useful, but if you have any questions please feel free to Contact me.

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