Day trips in Morocco

I’ve put together a mix of six beautiful little places to visit in Morocco for this post. I’ve paired up some of them as it’s easy to visit both in one day, but if you wanted to spend longer in one place it wouldn’t be an issue, there is plenty for you to see and do in each area! I’ve tried my best to keep text to a minimum here and let the photos do the talking, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Asilah – أصيلا

A cute sea-side town south of Tangier, Asilah is perfect for a beach getaway. Encompassing a vast public beach on the Atlantic coast, here you’ll find camels and horses, and along with the elusive ‘paradise beach’ there’s plenty of room to relax. The city centre is beautiful, similar to Chefchauoen (which I talk about at the end of this post), as the medina (old part of the town) is painted white and blue. If you speak Spanish, you’re in luck! You’ll find most locals here speak the language, along with many seafood & Spanish style restaurants. Asilah was originally built by the Portuguese before being taken over by the Spanish. These influences mean Asilah has a very different feel to the rest of Morocco!




Meknes & Volubilis – مكناس ووليلي

It’s possible to pack both Meknes and Volubilis into one day as they are less than an hour from each other in the car, but it will be a busy schedule! The centre of Meknes is the perfect place to have lunch. You’ll find the huge main square opposite the grand,  decorative ‘Bab Mansour’ where there are many restaurants to choose from with authentic Moroccan cuisine. Follow through the narrow walkways leading off from the centre square and you’ll soon find yourself emerged in the depths of the old medina. Volubilis, on the other hand, is an ancient Roman & Berber city with many ruins of houses and large mosaics in great condition. You can hire a tour guide pretty cheaply to take you around both Meknes and Volubilis too!

IMG_2223Volubilis roman ruins

IMG_2249Views of the town of Moulay Idriss en route to Meknes

IMG_2300Insides Meknes’ ancient royal horse stables


Ifrane & Azrou – إفران وأزرو

I love Ifrane! I’ve been twice over the past year and it is a truly stunning area. Known as the ‘Switzerland of Morocco’, when you arrive you certainly won’t feel like you are in Morocco anymore. Everything is completely different, the shapes and colours of the alpine-style houses, the cool, crisp air, and the dense forests where you can go feed the monkeys! The climate is totally different and in winter months the area is totally covered in snow. Even in summer you’ll find that it’s much cooler and the air is much fresher compared to other areas, due to it’s high altitude in the middle atlas mountains. Home to the Al-Akhawayn University, there is always a bustle around the town with restaurants, bars and even a club located in the grand hotel. Azrou is less than half an hour driving time from Ifrane and it’s very easy to do the two in one day. Azrou is a town similar to Ifrane and there are some really beautiful viewpoints if you’re willing to climb!

IMG_5356Views of Azrou

IMG_5348-2Monkeys in Ifrane

IMG_4207Overlooking the king’s salmon reserve – there are plenty of beautiful view points in Ifrane!


Chefchaouen – شفشاون 

Situated in Northern Morocco, Chefchaouen is a must-do. Known as the ‘blue pearl’ of Morocco the whole town is painted blue and a walk through the old medina is particularly charming with tradesmen selling traditional Moroccan gifts. Having said this, I would say that produce such as bags and lamps are not of the same quality or diversity which can be found in the traditional markets of Fes. The area is surrounded by mountains and I recommend taking a hike and seeking out the waterfalls. It’s a great day out and there is an amazing viewpoint from the top of the Kasbah Museum and entrance fee is pennies! Something else to mention – a lot of Morocco’s hash production comes from this area, so be prepared for offers of either hash or to be taken to a hashish farm!

IMG_3747Views of Chefchaouen

IMG_3811Through the Medina – I love the patriotism of Morocco, national flags can be found everywhere!

IMG_3846Chefchaouen merchandise 

This list really isn’t exhaustive and there are many more beautiful and unique towns to explore as Morocco is a huge country, but these are definitely great places to get you started. You’ll probably find that wherever you start off you’ll end up getting tips on places to visit, either from locals or other tourists and you can begin to create your own adventure!


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