Returning to Africa

Three years ago I spent a month travelling in Tanzania, aged 18. Today, aged 21, I’m returning to Africa to live in Fes, Morocco – somewhere I’ve never been before! My first trip to Africa was incredibly rewarding and I have very fond memories of Tanzania. My time largely involved environmental work improving the natural animal habitats and entertaining children. The sunsets and scenery were breath taking, and I was lucky enough to visit quite a few very different areas in the country. I could go on for days talking all about what I got up to, so I thought it best (and quicker) to show you through a photographic diary instead.

DSC09744.jpgOn a road trip, travelling from Dar es Salaam to Tanga

DSC09909-3.jpgSunrise in Tanga

thumbnail_DSC09915-2.jpgYoung local girl in Tanga

DSC00570 copy.jpgMaasai women

image2-2.jpgMaasai women in their boma/village

DSC00560-2 copy.jpgMaasai women

thumbnail_DSC00166.jpgWorker carrying plants up to Kidia village, Mount Kilimanjaro

thumbnail_DSC00253.jpgWe spent two days helping to build this chicken hut upgrade for this lady and her grandson living on Mount Kilimanjaro

DSC00180-2.jpgViews 1000 metres up Mount Kilimanjaro, overlooking Moshi town

DSC00262.jpgSummit of Mount Kilimanjaro

DSC01101.jpgOn safari in the Ngorogoro crater

DSC01008.jpgOn safari in the Ngorogoro crater

DSC00379-2.jpgAn elephant came up close and personal one morning – literally metres away from the tents where we were sleeping!

DSC00192.jpgThis iguana invaded our camp in Kidia!

DSC01814.jpgOn safari in the Ngorogoro crater

In Fes, I’ll be spending the semester studying Arabic as a part of my degree. I’m really excited to see what Morocco has to offer and witness the intricate blend of Middle Eastern, African and French cultures. Morocco is a very unique country, particularly language-wise! It’s daunting leaving my home, my friends and family for such a long time and at such a distance – it’s not exactly like being at university in Manchester where home is only a train journey away! But despite my nerves, I’m really excited for the opportunity to properly put to use and improve on the Arabic I’ve been learning over the past few years. I’ll be living in the ancient and spiritual medina (old part of the city) built 789 AD, which I’ve been told is the best and most authentic way to experience the city. Outside of Fes, I’m really keen to visit the other beautiful cities in Morocco, such as Marrakesh – you can’t go to Morocco and not visit Marrakesh! But also places such as Rabat, Chefchaouen and the Sahara Desert. Of course, I’ll be sharing all the details on here! Subscribe to my blog below to keep up to date with the latest.


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